What does it do?

AMSI strives to spread and promote winter sports

AMSI is an association for ski instructors from all over Italy. It is divided into 17 regional branches and its goal to help to spread and promote winter sports and the role of qualified, professional ski instructors.

In addition to teaching Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding, AMSI is dedicated to organizing competitive and amateur events and initiatives that revolve around culture, solidarity and the host areas.

There is also a big focus on showcasing the role of ski instructors, who have moved on from dealing solely with technical matters and now provide all-round cultural and tourism services. They can give both serious athletes and amateurs broader experiences and a more comprehensive view of life in the mountains. 


The history of AMSI – Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Association of Italian Ski Instructors was founded on 18 November 1963 with the specific goal of protecting and promoting ski instructors and their line of work. Over more than 50 years, the Association has started up 17 regional branches in addition to the national organization and it represents more than 14,000 instructors and 380 ski schools (Alpine and Nordic skiing) throughout Italy.

AMSI FVG was founded on 24 June 1986 by two long-standing instructors from Friuli Venezia Giulia: Alberto Solari and the late Luciano Lazzaro, who served as president a number of times. The role was later taken by Mario Fabretto (who was president for 20 years) and Alessandro Pandolfo.

Changes to the law mean that the Friuli Venezia Giulia Board of Ski Instructors is now responsible for training and continuing professional development, so since 1984 AMSI FVG has been fully focused on spreading and promoting winter sports by teaching all of the disciplines and organizing competitive and amateur sporting, tourist and cultural events. 

It is also behind numerous charity initiatives, especially ones to support people with disabilities and to raise funds for research into a range of diseases.

Over the years, thanks largely to the efforts of Mario Fabretto and renewed dedication to working as a union representing the interests of its members, AMSI FVG has managed to give ski instructors a new role. They effectively cater to tourists’ needs and can also handle requests regarding other disciplines associated with the local area, as demonstrated by partnerships with the Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) and the Italian Mountain Biking Association (AMIbike).

The current and future plans largely revolve around establishing professional ties and friendships with neighbouring regions and countries such as Carinthia, Slovenia and Veneto, in order to create synergy between professional figures who come from different cultures but share the same passion.

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